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The importance of a good backup maintenance plan

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On March 10th we were able to watch how the biggest hosting service in Europe, and the third biggest of the world, went up in flames. OVH is located in Strasbourg in four hosting buildings. Unfortunately, one of these buildings went up in flames while other of them was severely damaged, destroying such a big part of the information stored in there, and showing to the world the importance of backups. 

When a contingency plan is developed for a business, the very last scenario to expect is fire in the Data Center, which is the cloud where an online business’ information is hosted. Even though service providers have taken this risk into account, and the possibility of suffering this kind of event is barely real, something like this can hit at any moment.

What is backup?

A backup is a copy of the information contained in servers, data or business’s devices.

If you get a good backup maintenance plan, you will also get a contingency plan operating in case there is a problem related to the systems of your business, or your service providers. That’s the reason why even if a part, or the whole information from a service or certain systems are lost, an immediate recovery is possible. It reduces response time while facing any inconvenience, and it keeps your business afloat. 

What advantages does it offer?

Thanks to a backup and its maintenance plan, a full recovery of the systems in such a short amount of time is possible. This turns into a finer level of efficiency helping when restoring the information and services in an efficient way.

Another additional advantage is that your clients will be able to verify that you resolve any adversity in a short time. That increases trust in your services, and without any doubt it also offers safety and relief, independent of information volume and services managed.

Have you ever heard about our maintenance plan?

The pandemic we are currently facing has forced the development of online platforms, and therefore the value of an efficient appearance of your business has been shown. It is more essential than ever counting on a good maintenance plan, and reaching to your clients in an optime and decisive way.   

2Coders provides consultancy services focused on answering all your questions, and issues related to specialized backup maintenance. Check our plan out and update your business!